Flexible Displays Advance – Key to the Wearable Future

flexible display

Wearable computing is for real and I think will begin to make an impact later this year. 2015 could be THE year of the wearable. But I think one of the big keys to wearables taking off are flexible … [Read more...]

Chipoltle Most Ambitious Video Project Yet

farmed and dangerous

Mexican chain restaurant Chipoltle has been aggressive and bold with their content marketing strategy in the past several years. They have clearly defined a brand strategy focusing on fresh … [Read more...]

Further Proof – Everything is on Video


As if we needed further proof in our always being recorded digital world, everything is on video. It almost doesn't matter where or when, virtually everything is being recorded. There are people who … [Read more...]

Google, Nest, and the Internet of Things


Google is suffering an identity crisis between it's software and hardware sides. Google has done a good job locking down it's systems and software side of the business. Android is a successful mobile … [Read more...]

Online Journaling Apps: Diaro and Day One


I have taken to journaling lately and I have found it a great way to work out thoughts and ideas in private. You can say many things to yourself in your own head, but something more magical happens … [Read more...]

Curved Displays are the Future


We are far enough down the line of smartphone innovation where things are starting to plateau. The iPhone, always the leader in design, hasn't changed it's basic shape in years and everyone else has … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Too Excited About Drone Delivery


Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com made a big splash last week when he talked about the possibility of arial drones delivering packages from Amazon.com. Apparently, Amazon does have some prototypes they … [Read more...]

Movie Industry Strategy Regarding Digital Downloads Stinks


We are moving quickly to a time when movies will be distributed exclusively digitally. The days of the DVD are limited. I can't even remember the last time I had my DVD player plugged in. But the … [Read more...]

TNT’s Innovative Use Of Twitter To Promote Mob City


Twitter wants to be at the center of the Social TV movement and it looks like some networks are helping out. TNT network has come up with an innovative idea as they are tweeting the script of the … [Read more...]

Kevin Spacey Speaks Powerful Truths About The Television Industry


Kevin Spacey is my hero. Not only do I love him as an actor, but now he is a champion of the future of television, and he gets it. Here he talks about how his hit show House of Cards was sold to … [Read more...]