Amazing TED Presentation

TED is a conference of leaders and big thinkers held every year and produces some great presentations. These are available online and as a podcast and I highly recommend you subscribe. This particular … [Read more...]

Yahoo – Fish on a Hook

Microsoft has been fishing for Yahoo for years now and finally they have snagged them. Yahoo is doing alot of flopping and trashing around, but they're a fish on a hook at this point. Fighting is only … [Read more...]

Me and My iPhone

The iPhone still gets attention when you carry one in public and someone recently asked me "is it really that good?" I had to say, you know what, it actually is. After all the hype, pomp and … [Read more...]

Web Development in the iPhone’ed Mobile World

With great fanfare, Steve Jobs told the world the one of the biggest innovations of the iphone was bringing the "real" internet to a mobile device for the first time. No more junior, stripped down … [Read more...]

Facebook Fights Back

Punch and counter punch. As I have pointed out already, 2008 is going to be the battle of the social platforms. Google Open Social fired the first real shot toward Facebook and now Facebook fires back … [Read more...]

Twitterposter and Measuring Influence

A few weeks ago, an application called Twitterposter made a splash in the Twitter community. Twitterposter is an interesting Twitter API application that purports to display the relative influence of … [Read more...]

Won’t You Be My Fanboy?

The new Facebook social advertising platform puts forth the concept of "fans". You can signup to be a fan of a participating brand. Technically, this is a little like a brand forming a Facebook group, … [Read more...]

Social Media Ad Glut

Om Malik nails it on his latest blog post about the coming advertising glut in social media. Om asks, how much is too much? Facebook and Myspace have announced new social advertising initiatives as … [Read more...]

Brilliant Talk by Larry Lessig

This talk given by Larry Lessig at the 2007 TED is absolutely fantastic and right on. Brilliant stuff and a must watch. … [Read more...]

Adobe’s Web Application Play

San Jose based Adobe Systems in a legend in Silicon Valley, most famous for their dominant Photoshop application. Adobe is also a leader in desktop publishing and has a strong competitor in online … [Read more...]