Flexible Displays Advance – Key to the Wearable Future

flexible display

Wearable computing is for real and I think will begin to make an impact later this year. 2015 could be THE year of the wearable. But I think one of the big keys to wearables taking off are flexible … [Read more...]

Google, Nest, and the Internet of Things


Google is suffering an identity crisis between it's software and hardware sides. Google has done a good job locking down it's systems and software side of the business. Android is a successful mobile … [Read more...]

Online Journaling Apps: Diaro and Day One


I have taken to journaling lately and I have found it a great way to work out thoughts and ideas in private. You can say many things to yourself in your own head, but something more magical happens … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Too Excited About Drone Delivery


Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com made a big splash last week when he talked about the possibility of arial drones delivering packages from Amazon.com. Apparently, Amazon does have some prototypes they … [Read more...]

Samsung Chromebook First Impressions


For my birthday I treated myself to a Samsung Chromebook computer. I'm a geek, so I love new toys and I am fascinated by the whole Chrome OS venture anyway. More importantly, I got the Chromebook as a … [Read more...]

Kid Mode on the HTC One Phone

kid mode

The HTC One Android phone is one of the best new phones on the market. It's fast and has a beautiful design but when I played with one in a store recently what caught my eye was an app that comes with … [Read more...]

At WWDC Apple Continues Desktop Dominance While Playing Catchup on Mobile


At its World Wide Developers Conference yesterday, Apple showed off it's newest operating systems for the desktop and mobile. I'm not going to go into the details of features or benefits of anything … [Read more...]

Google Skeeball Demonstrates the Power of Chrome


Google often ties to show how powerful it's browser Chrome is and last week was no exception.  Google released a game based on that old classic skeeball game we all love so much. In this version, … [Read more...]

At Sears, New Tech Does Not Equal Improved Customer Experience

ipad retail

I buy many of my products at Sears, especially in the home improvement category. They have a good selection, prices and an easy no hassle return policy. Recently, however, Sears has instituted a … [Read more...]

Google is the Most Exciting Company in the World


I read a great article breaking down the recent Google I/O developers conference and what it means to the larger computing world and to Google itself. The article contends, and I agree, that Google … [Read more...]