Book Review – The Traveler

The Traveler, written by John Twelve Hawks, is a sci-fi triller about a shadowy underworld of mysterious people doing battle for the future of humanity. Yes we've heard this one before. The Matrix is the best known of these stories, but there are many more.

The plot here is that there are special people called Travelers who can move between realms. Travelers are a bit mysterious and spiritual. Harlequins are those who protect the Travelers at all costs. The bad guys are the Tabula who seek to impose a strict order on the world. Human freedom is a bad thing and the Travelers are a great threat. There is much talk in the book about "The Grid". If you live "on the grid", you can easily be found by the Tabula. John Twelve Hawks has much to say about this and the point is made over and over again about the degree of personal privacy we have and to what measures the government will go to get that it needs. The Tabula controls much of the government in this story and, interestingly enough, the fight against terrorism is used as the justification for most of its more totalitarian means. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Despite its almost too much preaching about "the grid" and such, it's a good read and a fun story. It is part one of a three part series.

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