Cell Phones For The Elderly – Brilliant

Motorola has a new patent for a cell phone for the elderly. Amazingly enough I am in the market for just such a phone. Too bad I need to buy one tomorrow. My dad has been very sick lately and is in a nursing home. For some reason getting phone service there is a big hassle. My mom said it would be easier to just get him a cell phone, so off I went shopping. I have not found what I want yet but did run to this article. 

Most cell phones are designed for young people with fingers well trained to tap out sms messages on tiny keypads. Even the advanced Blackberry's and Palm Treo's have the smallest of keyboards. But older people, especially ones that are ill cannot easily deal with the small buttons.  

This is a great idea as more and more "boomers" become old people. You may not need this kind of cell phone, but your grandma does.

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