Lazy Ramadi

In true social/citizen media form, one of many videos that take off from the original "Lazy Sunday" skit originally broadcast on Saturday Night Live. NBC has taken down the original video that was posted to YouTube, a decision that almost nobody understands. Here you had one of the most viral videos going and everyone knew it was originated from SNL. If NBC were smart they would produce more short form videos for this kids of viral distribution. This could fuel the fire for SNL, possibly creating some real buzz around it. This one skit has had at least 4 different citizen produced spin-off videos. Think of the community network momentum NBC could build around this show if they collected and published all the fan videos on the SNL website. When people are so turned on by your product that they want to remix, mashup and re-distribute it, that's a good thing. 

The amount of short form video that is out now on the net is exploding. AOL has now jumped into the game as well with AOL UnCut.  YouTube has a new feature that allows you to upload video directly from your cell phone to the service. It's already started, but more and more we will see things like the first video/pictures from a news event being uploaded from citizen journalists to services like YouTube and Flickr direct from their cell phones as it happens. If I were CNN, I would create a service to collect this stuff for myself and I would set up a payment system for video or photos that get used on air. 

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