Love For The Scobleizer From A Network Of Friends

I have been following the dramatic story of Robert Scoble's mother. She has congestive heart failure and has also had a massive stroke. She is in very critical condition in the hospital. I immediately connected with this story as my father has had CHF for quite a while now and also had a stroke about six months ago. He has had an up and down time with his health and last week was admitted to the hospital once again. His kidneys were failing and he was dying. The doctors were able to get is kidneys going again and he is now in ICU and somewhat stable. I don't know what the future hold for him and our family, but we take it day to day.

What is amazing is the huge outpouring of love and compassion for Robert and his family as expressed in his blog comments. Robert, being one of the most popular tech bloggers, has thousands of people reading his blog daily. But we rarely get a look into his personal life. This is a business and tech blog after all. But when this kind of crisis comes, business shuts down and everything is focused on family.

Many people commenting on Scoble's blog know him personally and have met him. Others, like me, don't know him from adam. It's just a blog we read. But somehow, regardless of the blog subject matter, if you read a blog long enough, you do get the feeling that you know the person. And a community of regular readers and commenters appears.  

The same thing happened when popular podcaster Derek from Skepticality was struck with a severe brain ailment and spend many weeks in ICU. Podcasters and listeners rallied around and followed almost daily updates from his co-host Swoopy. They poured in their well wishes and prayers. It was a beautiful things to see and it's happening again for Robert. With all the attention being paid on the Internet being a dangerous place for kids, here is a shining example that it can also be a wonderfully beautiful place full of love and hope. A blessing for at least two families. 

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