Anti-DRM Group Takes Aim at Apple

The Free Software Foundation's campaign is organizing "flash mob" demonstrations outside Apple retail stores this weekend to warn customers about the evils of DRM (Digital Rights Management). claims that by restricting how software or files can be used, DRM-equipped products are “defective by design.”“This campaign will identify these ‘defective’ products, and target them for elimination. Our aim is the abolition of DRM as a social practice,” reads the campaign’s manifesto on its Web site.

Oh boy. The big problem here is that a great majority of people don't give a damn. Also factor in that Apple's DRM is about as good as it gets. There are much fewer restrictions than with most other DRM strategies. From what I can see, people love their iPods and they love iTunes and they have not come across any kind of problem with the DRM from a practical day to day standpoint. Do I like DRM? No, but I realize we will never have an iTunes or an iPod without it. These pie in the sky utopian ideas about intellectual property are oh so nice, but impractical for the real world. We don't live in the clouds. We need to fight for DRM that is fair and works for everyone, both the artist and the customer. So far I think Apple has hit a very nice balance that does seem to be working. 

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