Disney Launches Family Mobile Service

As an example of just how far mobile technology has pushed into our lives, Disney announced the availability of it's mobile phones and service in the US. These phones have GPS built in specifically for tracking your kids and knowing where they are. There also also other family friendly features like restricting the phone to certain hours and numbers that can be dialed. 

It's not the first mobile phone designed for kids. My daughter has the Firefly phone for example. But these phone are the most sophisticated and feature packed however. I am not sure if this is going to work, however. First of all, family plans start at $159.99 for two phones and go up from there. That's much more expensive than similar family shared minuets plans from Cingular or Sprint. Also, the phones themselves are fine, but not as cool as other phones popular with teens today. And what cool teen would be caught dead with a Disney phone. It works well for kids 7-10 or so, but much older than that and they won't want to use it. Maybe 7-10 is a big enough market. Or maybe they can come up with a cooler teen phone.

At first I thought the GPS capability was a little too much but if a kid was kidnapped and the bad guy did not see or realize the phone had GPS, that could be a great way to track them down. That alone might sell people on that higher service price.

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