Google – Smell the Backlash

All of a sudden, several prominent bloggers are all over Google. Om Malik wonders if Google is wasting its genus cycles, Paul Kedrosky says "Google is beginning to bug me" and Michael (Tech Crunch) Arrington vents about Google fanboys. The Google motto may be "Do no evil" whatever the hell that means, but they have always been a very arrogant company and I think now pretty unfocused. All that extra time they give their employees to work on pet projects has produced many new and interesting things. But Google seems to have to have no other strategy than to release whatever they have and see what sticks. No one can find a coherent strategy. Google is great, but they aren't Gods gift to the Internet.

Actually, pound for pound, I think Yahoo has better stuff going on right now, and they are flying way under the radar. Yahoo mail is very good. Yahoo maps is great, better than Google by far. I find the My Yahoo custom homepage to be the best out there, again way better than Google. 

Google, the honeymoon is finally coming to an end. Now you're going to have to really prove yourself.  

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