Internet Television – Disney/ABC Totally Gets It!

Already a leader in the IPTV arena, there is much exciting news from ABC about their on-line TV experiments. ABC is having even greater success with it's free, ad supported effort than it's $2.99 per download shows via iTunes. Since last October ABC has sold more than 6 million downloads via iTunes. In the first month of the free ad supported service, more than 11 million shows were watched.

Two amazing bits of information from the tests:

The test also showed that making the episodes available on online platforms is not decreasing the amount of traditional television viewing of those shows.

Disney Channel premiered episodes of "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" online several hours before the program appeared on television, yet saw TV viewership for those episodes soar to number one in its time period for viewers ages 2 and older.

 This kind of data is hopefully going to make the other networks go ape shit and start putting as much content on the Net as possible. Props to ABC and Disney for being bold and proving that IPTV is for real. 

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