MLB and Sling Media Disagree on Mobile Content

Major Leauge Baseball is not happy with streaming media products like the Sling Box from Sling Media. This great piece of technology lets you view content from your set top box or Tivo from any connected computer anywhere in the world, including certain mobile devices. MLB says this is hurting local cable companies who have paid for the rights to broadcast local games. According to MLB, you are only supposed to be able to watch baseball from where ever you are. If I am on a trip to New York, I have to watch whatever the New York cable company is serving up. I can't watch my recorded game from Los Angeles. 

This is yet another example of a large corporation just not getting it. I am so sorry your business model has been blown to bits by technology, but you're not alone and you had better get used to it. Technology will not be constrained to meet your outdated business needs. You must change, and fast, to technology. You must find a way to take advantage of the new world order rather than trying to preserve what you have. Your boat has a gigantic hole in it, stop bailing and get yourself a new boat.  

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