Myspace Goes Mobile

Myspace has agreements with Cingular and Helio to movie the social network service onto cell phones. Helio cell phones come preloaded with special Myspace applications and Cingular customers can get text messages when new friend requests arrive or when new comments are made to their pages.

What is interesting about all this is the excellerated immediacy that all this brings. With YouTube, you can post videos from your cell phone seconds after you take them. You can post photos to Flickr or various other on-line photo sites straight from you cell phone. Now you can interact with your Myspace world from where ever you are, no waiting to get back to a desktop or laptop PC. Connecting cell phones with web services makes everything happen right now. Is this destroying thoughtful communication? There is no time for reflection anymore. Sometimes it is a good thing to stop and think about how and what you want to communicate. 

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