Netflix Download Service Could Win Me Back

Netflix, the company that pioneered movie rental via the mail says it is considering options for a download service. This is a long time coming. Already they have had major problems getting content as the movie studios are running scared of this kind of thing. I had Netflix for awhile but canceled my service because I didn't like the delay the mail put into the system. When I want to see a movie, I want to see it now, not two days from now. A download service would still take several hours but I could live with that. Now, however, Netflix will be competing with Apple and the mighty iTunes store which will likely also soon feature movies for download. 

The movie industry also should wake up and get a clue. Look at what is happening to television. On-line access to tv shows is helping the industry rather than hurting it. There are so many cool ways hollywood could make this work for everyone if they would just get over their paranoia and see the big picture.  

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