Yahoo Pumps Up It’s Video Search

Yahoo has made improvements to it's video search capability in an effort to keep up with new upstarts like YouTube. Yahoo Video Search now allows users to tag videos and subscribe or view different "channels". By using the channel metaphor, Yahoo tries to connect with average users on a basis they can better understand. Everyone knows what a channel is. The Yahoo Video Search is a it of a strange animal, however, as it does not import videos directly into itself like YouTube. It links to existing videos across a wide variety of places. The downside of this strategy is that it can take 2-3 clicks to get the video going and there is always a different video player being used depending on the service used. With YouTube, every video plays the same way and takes the same number of clicks to start. This better consistency leads to greater ease of use. But the Yahoo search is ten times better than Google Video, which is absolutely terrible.

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