ABC – One Step Forward, One Step Back

And here I thought ABC was getting it with regard to the new media revolution. Well, not everyone at ABC. President of advertising sales, Mike Shaw has some amazingly stupid things to say about our new digital world.

“I would love it if the MSOs, during the deployment of the new DVRs they’re putting out there, would disable the fast-forward [button],” Shaw said.

I bet you would, effectively crippling the device. Brilliant idea. He doesn’t stop there.

Shaw also threw cold water on the idea that neutering the fast-forward option would result in a consumer backlash. He suggested that consumers prefer DVRs for their ability to facilitate on-demand viewing and not ad-zapping–and consumers might warm to the idea that anytime viewing brings with it a tradeoff in the form of unavoidable commercial viewing.

You know, people have two livers, so they won’t care if we take out one. WTF! I have bad news for you Mr. Shaw. By skipping commercials, I cut down my tv viewing hours by 15-20%. That’s time back for me to spend on other things. I am not going to just give that up quietly.

Crippling DVR’s is not the answer to the problem of ad skipping. Creating better ads and using technology to better target ads is. The tighter your grip is on your old business model, the more it slips through your fingers. I think that was in the first Star Wars movie.

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