Cell Phone Mini Movies – A New Trend

Cingular has announced a deal with HBO to provide a mobile mini-series based on the HBO show Entourage. Similar mobile mini shows are being done for the hit Fox show 24 as well as a mobile mini series for ABC’s Lost. Cell phones are too small to be viewing full length tv shows or movies, not to mention the bandwidth required. But short mini shows that extend the brand of a product or existing tv show is perfect. Unfortunately, to get the Entourage mini show you have to signup for the Cingular media plan and a second charge for its HBO premium service. The data plan you would have to have anyway, but that additional HBO charge I don’t think will fly with many people. I certainly would not sign up for it. That kind of extra charging will cause people to take that video and put it on YouTube and other video sharing services. That’s not legal, but when people feel they are being overcharged, they will do this kind of thing. These video shorts should be viewed as a promotional tool to get people into the show. Then they will sign up for HBO for their cable service. Cingular wins by getting more people to sign up for the data service. There is just no need for that extra charge. Get your greedy hands out of my wallet!

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