Don’t Give The People Want They Want

News that some record labels are delaying the availability of digital downloads, sometimes for weeks and weeks. Here are all these people waiting to give you money and you act like you don’t want it. And this is distribution on iTunes with DRM and everything. You don’t think that track is already on the P2P networks anyway. I don’t understand the logic of waiting on digital release. Some fans are actively telling others to go get the tracks they want off the P2P networks. If you will not make available what people want on a legit basis, you will force them into illegit practices. The fact is, many people are not going to go down to their retail store and pay for a CD. I know it hurts, but it’s the truth and the future. How the music industry can continue to frustrate and piss off it’s customers is amazing to me. I never saw that in any of the business books I ever had.

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