Lawsuits For The Tech Addicted?

It’s becoming an American tradition. If you’re life isn’t what you want it to be, sue someone.

Gayle Porter, associate professor of management at the Rutgers University School of Business in Camden, New Jersey, has written a paper that states workers whose personal lives suffer as a result of tech addictions could turn their sights on their employers.

This stuff is akin to sueing McDonalds because you ate too many Big Macs. Unless it’s in your employment contract or someone made a definative statement to you that you must be available for phone meetings after hours, I see no case here. Of course it’s not that simple as there is great peer pressure to keep the Blackberry on and respond to messages no matter what the hour. Someone is going to have to get fired and claim it was a direct result of the overuse of technology. But don’t call it an addiction, I don’t think that’s going to work.

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