Apple – Love The Products, Hate The Lawyers

In it’s ever aggressive march to protect the iPod trademark, Apple has done something incredible stupid. It was obnoxious enough when they started going after any products or companies with the term “pod” in it, but now Apple has released the hounds upon Podcast Ready, a service for podcasters. This has led many to ask, is Apple now trying to lay claim to the term podcast? Podcasters around the globe have exploded upon hearing this news. Some have suggested changing the name while others want to fight. I think it’s way to late for the name change and how can podcasters really fight this? The answer is we fight with the power of the social network, the blog, and the podcast itself. We have our own little pr machine and it’s time we turn it up to 10.  Apple has always stood for freedom, creativity and a different way of doing things. In 1984, the famous Macintosh ad centered around taking down “the man”. Who’s “the man” now?

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