Movie Downlods From iTunes – Finally!

Looks like the stars are aligning and Apple is ready to announce its iTunes movie store on Sept 12th. It should come with a new iPod that sports a large screen for better movie viewing. Like TV, I think this will be very successful for Apple and a great thing for customers. Let’s just hope the DRM allows us to burn a DVD. If not, that would really suck.

Like so much of technology,  this points to the furthering of mobile. Less and less are we required to sit at once place to experience media and/or get things done. Our technology is really going with us. Too bad Netflix and Tivo couldn’t pull this off sooner. They had such a great opportunity but now with Apple in the game, they’re toast. It’s shocking to see Microsoft sitting around with nothing to show. No digital music, no movies, no tv, no nothing. Just trying to ship an OS. Somehow I think Zune will not quite live up to expectations. Take a look at what happened with the Ultra Mobile PC. So much hype and then, oh, is that it? Except for the Xbox, Microsoft has a bad record with hardware. And why will the millions of people who have already invested hundreds or thousands of dollars into iTunes music want to switch. You can’t take your DRM music with you, not legally anyway.

The days of downloadable movies are upon us. Bye bye Blockbuster.

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