Progressive Thinking From CBS

Well what do you know. Someone at one of the big three networks has grown a brain.

“We’re not rewarding bad behavior. That technology is here to stay,” CBS marketing group president George Schweitzer said of DVRs and its users’ ad-skipping habits.”We first thought it would be the boogeyman, and then we found out that people who use TiVo watch television more, they’re much more involved in what they see, and we want these people to watch our shows so they can tell other people how good they are,” he told Reuters.

So CBS is giving Tivo users one of it’s new fall shows, The Class, one week before it airs on the regular schedule. The package will also include trailers for other new CBS shows. Finally a major company says let’s not worry about how they’re trying to screw us, let’s figure out how we can use this new technology to our best advantage. We shall see about Hollywood, but the television industry has looked over at the music business and said, we’re not going to screw ourselves like those guys did.

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