Fox TV Shows Comming To Myspace

Thumbs up for Fox as they announce a new Fox On Demand service that will bring popular Fox TV shows like Prison Break, Justice and Bones to social network website MySpace. The service will be supported by advertising and competes directly with iTunes from Apple. I am watching more and more tv on-line of late and I am not doing it from iTunes. I am watching shows that stream on-line and are advertising supported. I don’t mind the ads and the breaks are far fewer than on broadcast tv. I don’t like the idea of paying for tv shows because I am already paying the Satellite provider for the show. Why should I pay twice? I don’t have a video iPod, so there is no advantage of downloading for me either. But I would love to see a version of shows for iPod download that included advertising for those of us who don’t want to pay and will watch a show with limited ads.

If I could completely drop my Satellite service and get everything on paid for download, that might be a different story. Then you would have a complete ala carte system. But not enough shows or networks are available yet to make that a reality.

Kudos to Fox for bringing more television on-line. Looks like Fox is figuring out how to best leverage MySpace and are providing some good competition for Apple and iTunes.

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