Google Purchases JotSpot Wiki

With Google’s new “borg” strategy, they have assimilated another hot web property. This time it’s wiki maker JotSpot. JotSpot was formed by original Excite founder Joe Kraus. JotSpot is a great wiki actually because it has the best wysiwyg tools and some nice pre-built apps. Google can nicely integrate this into their on-line app suite which already includes word processing (acquired from Writely), spreadsheets, email and calendar. JotSpot also tries to be a collaboration hub for teams as you can attach many kinds of media to a wiki page. You can see how well this plays with Google Apps.

The Google overall strategy may be getting more clear now. Give Microsoft the top end office market, there’s no competing there really. But stake a claim for the long tail office market. Those Google guys, they’re pretty smart.

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