Palm Treo Breaks News

Using a Palm Treo 700, a Fox News cameraman was able to shoot video and send it directly to Fox which proceeded to use it live on-air. This is the first time a major news organization has used live streaming video from a cell phone. The cameraman was actually on a completely different assignment but was close by when a single-engine plane crashed into an apartment building in downtown New York. The software technology used is called CometVision from Comet Video Technologies.

With so many cell phones now having camera and video capabilities, this kind of on the spot citizen media link to major new outlets will only increase. I can see the possibility for an affiliate citizen media program. For every photo I make available to a major news outlet, I can get compensated. For every minute of video I provide, I can make a little cash. How soon until we see fake, staged news events created by people who want to see their stuff on tv or who just want to screw with the system?

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