The Knack Sues Apple – Too Little, Too Late

When in doubt, sue. The Knack(My Sharona) is suing Apple, Yahoo, and among others in a copyright claim over the Run DMC song “It’s Tricky”. Apparently the Run DMC song used an unauthorized sample from The Knack’s big hit My Sharona. It’ s Tricky came out in 1986 but The Knack says they didn’t hear it until 2005. The Knack is also going after Run DMC, producers, record labels. Hell, sue ’em all! There is a three year statute of limitation that has way run out by now, but why let a pesky little thing like that get in your way.

What do you do when royalties from My Sharona have all dried up and you’re running out of cash? Sue somebody of course. It’s the new American way.

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