Dell In Second Life

Dell has scheduled a press announcement in the virtual world Second Life. At least one journalist was quite put off by having to create an account in SL just to view the announcement and forwarded a scoop to Tech Crunch. I’d say, like it or not, Second Life is news in the tech world and more news is being made there as well. Any tech journalist not in Second Life already is way behind the curve.

As to the news, it appears that Dell will have it’s own island where they will sell virtual andSecond Life Logo real computers. That makes sense, but I hope, with an entire island, it’s more interesting than that. There are plenty of brand opportunities available to Dell that I hope they will take advantage of. Maybe a gaming and entertainment theme for the island.

Cynical comments on the Tech Crunch article and the article itself suggest Dell should stick to making better computers than messing about in Second Life. Second Life is a marketing opportunity which is a completely different department from engineering, so I don’t see the point. Dell is smart for hopping on a hot trend and trying something new. The only thing I don’t quite get is buying a virtual computer for your Second Life home or office. I think Second Life is cool, but sometimes it seems all a bit silly.

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