Tivo Pricing Going Up

I have always been such a big fan of Tivo. They invented the PVR revolution and till thisSad Tivo day they do it better than anyone. Tivo has been struggling to survive the past few years as cable and satelite vendors come out with their own PVR devices. Now Tivo is raising prices on the monthly service and eliminating the lifetime subscription. Further, their latest Series 3 model is priced at a whopping $799. I think they are crazy and I’m very down on the company lately. They haven’t innovated nearly as quickly as they should and they’re just not that much better than the competition to warrant the higher prices. I can get a Dish Network PVR for only $5.95 a month vs. Tivo at $19.99, and that’s a duel tuner model, something Tivo can’t even do. See you later Tivo, it was nice while it lasted.

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