Apple, Inc – A Cult of Personality

I used to be an Apple fanboy before I went astray during the dark years. Now I am back and it feels pretty good. Apple is as hot as ever and making amazing products. But therein lies the problem. What saved Apple? Steve Jobs. Without his return, Apple would have never made it. Look at the products Apple has produced since the great Steve returned. The iMac, iPod, and now iPhone. That first iMac was like nothing anyone had ever seen before. Candy colored and not a straight edge on it. I don’t think anyone in the industry but Jobs would have had the vision and the guts to conceive and ship such a thing. Apple has a tradition for great design, but only when Jobs is at the controls. The products Apple produced when he was gone were garbage. has called Jobs the $20 billion asset because if Jobs left the company, the stock could loose up to  25% which would be about $20 billion.  I think they are right. Apple has always been a cult of personality, Steve Jobs’ personality. The way the products are designed and marketed are a direct reflection of his core values as a person and a businessman. I have always wondered about what would become of Apple when he is gone. Will they still have the vision and guts to produce something like the iPhone?

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