Someone Has It Out For The iPhone

John Webster, writing for Computerworld has a bug up his butt about the new Apple iPhone. This guy has written three scathing articles in the past week. Ok, we get it, you hate it. Fine. We’ll never really know how good the iPhone is until we get our hands on it, so to speak. It’s looks pretty good to me, but like most things, it will never be everything to everybody. Some general complaints about iPhone:

It doesn’t have 3G – I agree on this one. Certainly the Cingular 3G network is not vary wide spread yet but it is growing and why would I plunk down $500 for a phone that I have to replace in a year just to get to high speed. The Samsung Blackjack phone is 3G as is the new Treo 750. No excuse here, Apple blew it.

No tactile feedback for the keyboard –  This will be a new learned response for people. I never thought it was reasonable to type on the tiny keyboards that are common on most smart phones but we figured it out. Some even mastered the strange Blackberry keyboard. Once you get used it it, I bet it’s not so bad.

It’s only on Cingular and you have to buy a 2 year contract –  Sucks for you Verizon and t-Mobile. As for the 2 year contract, nothing new here. Every cell phone I have ever purchased made me buy into at least a year of service and now 2 years is more the norm. It’s a terrible deal for the customer and I hate it but the iPhone didn’t create the problem.

No third party apps –  Again, I agree here. Limiting the third party applications that can be installed on the device helps Apple control the experience and the quality but severely limits expanded functionality. This is a huge mistake and Apple should come correct (as the kids say) and fast.

Too Expensive –  For a cell phone, yes. But this is an iPod and a cell phone and a camera and an Internet device. So, not as bad if you add all that up. Still $500 is $500 and that’s allot of cash.

Overall iPhone has it’s good and it’s bad and, regardless of what my wife says, I still want one. I’m waiting for 3G though to download my Bkk-Onlineslots finally.

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