Twitter Ideas From CC Chapman

So there I was all ready to write a post about how I don’t get Twitter when I read a brilliant post by CC Chapman about practical uses for Twitter. I don’t buy all of them, but it’s a great train of thought. Some of CC’s ideas:

Politics and Celebrities : Interesting maybe, but I really don’t need to know where and what John Edwards or Tom Cruise is doing on a daily basis. I’m not much of a celebrity type though and I admit there are probably lots of people who would really get off on that. I very much doubt celebrities would be willing to participate, however. Politicians, on the other hand, would once they figure out all the attention they could gain.

Storytelling and Erotica : Storytelling is a vey intriging idea. As for erotica, well, sex sells, everywhere and in any form.

News and Sports : Seems like an obvious one, but how is it better than Google/Yahoo alerts?

Here are some more ideas I thought up myself after thinking about it.

Jokes : It would be cool to get random jokes sent during the day

Games : I can imagine some interesting games. Trivia or otherwise. Maybe an interactive game where you have 20min to get to a website and put in your answer. Maybe the first correct answer get a prize. Or a scavenger hunt game. Go take a picture of yourself in front of a 7-11, a government building, a school. Upload your pics to Flickr. Another game idea: Guess where I am. you get clues throughout the day as to where this person is and you enter your answers into a website or email them back.

I still dont completely get Twitter but CC, you’ve opened my eyes a litle. Thanks.

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