HD-DVD Key Fight – It’s Not Over

More fallout from the great Digg.com/HD-DVD key debacle.

Michael Ayers, chair of the AACS business group, says they will use both legal and technical steps to curb the publishing of keys or other circumvention techniques against DRM. The initial key has been published hundreds of thousands of times already. It’s just not going to be practical to go after all those people. Maybe they try to nail a few key folks to strike fear into the hearts of geeks everywhere. They have already revoked the key, so it’s useless anyway, but certainly a new key will be hacked at some point. This threatening stance is really the wrong strategy. Can you imagine the next time a key is hacked? It will spread like wildfire, even worse than the first one. This is a demonstration of civil disobedience. In the 60’s, people burned their draft cards in defiance of the draft law; today we post hacked keys in defiance of DRM.

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