Microsoft and Yahoo – You Can’t Buy Web 2.0 Mojo

So Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo, again. I guess they have tried before, but this time they really mean it. It’s certainly a big pill to swallow and I’m not sure what it gives Microsoft other than a big headache integrating the two companies and technologies. Swallowing Compaq gave HP major heart burn.

But the real issue is that Microsoft just doesn’t have any Web 2.0 mojo the way Google has it and I’m not sure that’s something you can buy. Many of Yahoo’s best people will likely leave and the Microsoft culture would overwhelm what is left of Yahoo. So what’s the point? Other than the fact that two of the most revered web 2.0 sites (Flickr and delicious) would be owned by Microsoft (yikes!) In a way, it will be a sad day, the end of an era. Yahoo was one of the very first, if not the first major Internet age company.

Clearly, Microsoft wants to bulk up to do battle with Google. After all these years of Apple as the main adversary. Now imagine Microsoft’s worst nightmare, Apple and Google teaming up against it. Already they are doing business with the iPhone but it could go so much deeper if they wanted.

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