Elvis Costello Podcast

As part of the promotion for his new best of retrospective CD, Elvis Costello has released a podcast. It’s a 10 part weekly series with Elvis telling personal stories from his first 10 years in the music business. Short, simple and well produced, it’s a must listen for any fan. It’s not well promoted on his website; hopefully bloggers will pick up on it and spread the word.

Unfortunately this is a promo-cast with a limited run and a specific purpose. I would love to see more artists embrace podcasting as a open venue to connect with their fans. Why not hear short cast from the road? Whip out an acoustic guitar and play a special version of a hit song for the podcast audience.  Let fans send in audio comments and play some once and awhile.

Rocker Dave Navarro has a live streaming Internet radio show called Spread Radio Live on which he plays music and talks to fans. It’s a one of a kind direct connection with his fans. Dave controls the station and makes the rules, no corporate interestes need apply. I only wish he would release it as a podcast after the live show. Rebroadcasts are streamed from iTunes continuously.

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