The Ultimate Notepad is a Wiki

I have been searching for a long time now for a solution. What I want is a place to store all my notes, random thoughts and ideas. I want to be able to access them from any computer and via a mobile device as well. I have tried various programs on Mac and PC and played with different syncing senarios on Windows Mobile and Palm based devices. I have tried several web-based systems; Nothing has cut the mustard. Every solution worked on one level, but left something out.Socialtext

I did come to one conclusion; the solution had to be web-based. That is the only way I could have access from any computer, anywhere. No complex sync routines needed. That just left out the mobile component. I began thinking a Wiki might be the best way to go and finally I found what may just be the Holy Grail, Socialtext. The Socialtext wiki is simple and easy to use and most important of all, it was built for mobile access. Socialtext also supports tagging, rss, email into the wiki and more. So far, I’m digging it.

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