YouTube Comes To The iPhone

Google and Apple are at it again with regard to the iPhone. First a slick Google Maps app and now a custom YouTube app that will bring online video to the iPhone. It’s nice I guess, but I would be even more interested in an app that allowed me to watch tv shows from the various networks now streaming shows online. Oh but that would go against Apple selling shows on iTunes. I have no interest in buying shows I have already paid for via my satellite bill when they are available for free as a stream with ads.

Oh, and just one more thing… remember when Steve Jobs said at the recent WWDC conference that building web 2.0 apps for the iPhone was such a sweet deal for developers? Not sweet enough for Apple as the new YouTube app is a full native app for the iPhone. Let’s not kid ourselves, web 2.0 apps for the iPhone might work out resonably well but they’ll never be as good as a native app.

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