iPhone shows need for new wireless network

An interesting article here, mostly about Reed Hundt, a former chairman at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and vice chairman of Frontline Wireless who is lobying for spectrum to be made available for a national wireless broadband network. Reed says the launch of the iPhone shows the shortcomings of the EDGE network and the need for a much higher speed network. What caught my attention was a quote by an AT&T spokeman.

“We believe the EDGE network was designed for a product like the iPhone,” Smith added. “We’re confident with its ability to support the device.”

Most every review of the iPhone I have read says the biggest shortcoming of the phone is the slow EDGE data network. This kind of asinine quote is the kind of thing that drives me nuts. Some line written by a pr hack deep inside AT&T with absolutely no connection with reality. It’s so depressingly old school and out of touch. Releasing a statement from some anonymous spokesman saying EDGE is great doesn’t make it so and we all know it.

Wake up and smell the new media landscape AT&T. We don’t use spokespeople anymore and when the emperor has no clothes, we acknowledge it. I want the truth from AT&T. EDGE isn’t as good as it needs to be for advanced smart phones like the iPhone and we’re hard at work on a new, much faster network. I might not be happy that they don’t have that higher speed network ready yet, but I would respect the fact that they are being straight up with me and that they care about improving things as soon as possible.

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