MPAA Fake Bittorrent Site Outwitted

The MPAA, RIAA, take your pick; these guys never learn. The latest in the saga of stupid anti-piracy tricks is a fake bittorrent website supposedly loaded with first run movies for download. Actually an MPAA front run by a company called Media Defender, the site was designed to trap and bust people trying to download copyrighted content. What happened next should surprise no one. The website ZeroPaid found out, ran an article which hit among other sites and in a matter of hours, everyone was the wiser. You can’t sneak around the web playing dirty tricks on people. Someone is going to find out and the word will get out, fast. So the MPAA accomplishes nothing and looks like idiots in the process. I can’t believe the MPAA is going to walk through the same meat grinder the RIAA is waking through already.

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