Elton John’s Internet Freak Out

Elton John went on a rant against the Internet. He says people aren’t going outside and meeting others because they are staying inside and blogging. He also complains about the quality of art and music being created. Somehow the Internet is to blame for it all. Elton wonders what would happen if we shut down the Internet for five years, thinking an explosion of better art and creativity will erupt. The fact that the entire Elton John catalog is coming out on iTunes soon, well I guess nobody’s perfect.

The fact is the Internet is actually a fantastic enabler of contact with a whole new range of people you might never have known before. There is a group of Orange County podcasters I meetup with every month, in person, that I would have never known without technology and the Internet. Every year, I see hundreds more at the Podcast Expo. Hundreds of bloggers, those guys who never go outside, get together at PodCamp many times a year all over the country. This is just in the technical sphere which I reside in. Via meetup.com, thousands of other groups have formed and meet online and in person for a wide range of reasons. Elton John has now become, the Madman Across the Water.

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