Led Zeppelin Digital Downloads

Call it a little to little a little too late. Led Zeppelin will release a new greatest hits album in November and the big news is that the tracks will be available for digital download. This marks the first time the legendary band has made it stuff available online. No word on if iTunes will be included.

It’s fine and all, but do we really need another greatest hits album? And why not the entire catalog? Zeppelin, along with some other prominent classic rock bands, have been mysteriously absent from the new digital music world. It makes no sense to me as the classic acts have to be finding it harder and harder to get relevant radio play these days. Sure, there are some classic rock stations still around, but 90% of that audience has already purchased everything they’re likely to buy already. These bands need to introduce their music to a whole new generation, a generation that lives online. The number one traditional music seller in the US is now Wall Mart. How many Led Zeppelin albums do you think you’ll find at Wall Mart today? The best chance classic bands have to sell new music in online. So where are they?

Another classic band also not found online is AC/DC. They recently announced something equally as puzzling, an exclusive deal with Verizon to sell their music digitally. In bypassing iTunes, they reject the number three overall music seller in the country. Verizon isn’t even the number one cell phone provider. I’m sure they signed a better deal with Verizon than they would have gotten from iTunes, but only because Verizon is desperate to show some flash in the face of the iPhone. Is anyone really going to sign up for Verizon so they can buy some AC/DC?

I hate to see legendary bands cut themselves off at the feet and miss the chance to pass on a great tradition of classic music onto another generation. If they screw around too much and wait to long, however, no one may care by the time they figure it out.

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