PageMaker – Old School DTP

I was going through some old starred items in Google Reader and came across a article that had a link to a history of Aldus PageMaker. That made me very nostalgic. I so remember PageMaker, one of the first desktop publishing applications. When I first started working at the school newspaper at Gonzaga University, we were doing old school manual pastup to layout and print the paper. It was fun to see the way things had always been done in publishing. But come Junior year, the Macs arrived and we started using PageMaker to produce the paper. PageMaker was taught as part of the standard journalism class as well and laying out the newspaper with it was amazing. PageMaker was so wonderfully simple and quaint next to todays high powered inDesign from Adobe. I feel the same way about PageMaker as I do about the original Apple II. Classics of their day, so fun to use, and old school as they are now, I miss them a little.

Update: As long as were felling nostalgic, also just saw that AppleWorks has officially reached “end of life”.  Another great old program that worked so well for what it did. When I was  a freshman at Gonzaga, I still had my Apple II and I wrote quite a few papers in AppleWorks.

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