Social Media Ad Glut

Om Malik nails it on his latest blog post about the coming advertising glut in social media. Om asks, how much is too much? Facebook and Myspace have announced new social advertising initiatives as well as a recent forecast that US online ad spending with double between 2007 and 2011.

So indeed, how much is too much and are we going to find ourselves as over advertised and marketed to as we are in the current mainstream media? So far new media has found itself relatively light on advertising and marketing. But as ad banners on websites become ever less effective, online marketers are looking for new and better ways to get to customers.

Maybe the key question is now how much advertising will there be in new and social media because marketers will always beat a path toward customers and more and more of them are showing up on social networks, but how good the advertising will be. How intrusive and impersonal will it be? We talk so much in new media about engagement and conversation. New media marketing is supposed to be different than old media marketing and this is to be our saving grace in the new world. But has the old guard now rushing into new media really learned this lesson? Will these new platforms embrace and encourage the new ideas of new marketing, or are we moving back into the frying pan from whence we came?

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