Facebook Fights Back

Punch and counter punch. As I have pointed out already, 2008 is going to be the battle of the social platforms. Google Open Social fired the first real shot toward Facebook and now Facebook fires back by making their API platform available to any other social network that wants to use it. Of course, this is a double whammy for Facebook because they are not only spreading their technology wider, but collecting a licensing fee as well. This all assumes other networks take them up on the offer. Bebo already has, being the first.

The Facebook advantage: Open Social is a dream, but the Facebook API is real and here now. Thousands of apps have already been created and by adopting the API, you gain access to them all instantly. That’s a powerful proposition.

Two smart, aggressive companies going at it toe to toe; This should be fun to watch. And once again, Microsoft is asleep at the wheel.

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