Yahoo – Fish on a Hook

Microsoft has been fishing for Yahoo for years now and finally they have snagged them. Yahoo is doing alot of flopping and trashing around, but they’re a fish on a hook at this point. Fighting is only going to make it harder.

It is sad to see though, because Yahoo was one of the Internet pioneers, one of the first websites many of us old timers ever went to. It was simple and useful and fun. Now Yahoo is a convoluted, complex mess. If Microsoft can do anything worthwhile with Yahoo is an open question. They will also have to deal with massive culture clash and most likely a big brain drain. But Microsoft is desperate to compete better with Google and this could be their best shot. Competition is a good thing in this market as Google could become as fat and lazy as Microsoft has with too much dominance.

Note to Yahoo: when it’s checkmate, there are no options.

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