Why is Goggle “unnerved” by MicroHoo

Google’s Sergey Brin is freaked out by the proposed merger of Yahoo and Microsoft. Why?

Partly Google is trying to trough as much cold water as they can on the deal. Having two weak competitors hanging around instead of one possibly larger and stronger one is better for Google.

Google says the merger is bad for innovation on the Internet and bad for users. Partly this is driven by the fact that Yahoo is a an open standards based company and Microsoft is not. It is a legitimate fear that Microsoft will take what good Yahoo has done and turn it into a proprietary mess. But Yahoos impact on the net is not very strong right now, so that loss wouldn’t do much. Most of the innovation lately is coming from all the web 2.0 companies popping up like daisies. We would all morn the loss or degradation of Flickr and Delicious though.

It’s unusual to see Google show any fear lately which makes me thing there might actually be something to a Microsoft Yahoo combination. I still think most of the Yahoo talent will leave and the whole thing will crumble apart. What is left of Yahoo will be overwhelmed by the Microsoft dominant culture.

So Sergey, rest easy, there is nothing to fear. And the Internet, it will survive. That’s what it does best. Adapt and change.

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