Obama iPhone App is Brilliant

The Obama campaign for president released today an application for the iPhone that is simply brilliant. It’s a free download from the Apple iTunes store. Not only is the application beautifully designed and easy to use, it has terrific functionality and a clear purpose.

Design-wise, this is one of the best iPhone applications I have ever seen. It keeps well to the Obama campaign colors and graphic themes. It also adhears perfectly to all iPhone application standards. I’ve seen plenty of other iPhone applications from reputable companies that are no where near as good as this one. Remember the train wreck that was the Audi racing application?

But this application isn’t just a pretty face. There is clear purpose here. One of the most important aspects of a national election campaign is phone calling. Millions of dollars are spent setting up phone banks and aquiring  lists of names. With this application the Obama campaign can unleash an army of phone callers at no cost. The application searches your built in phone book and by area code determins who among your contacts are in certain battle ground states and sets you up for calling them. It even keeps track of who has been called and who has not. Other features include a get involved button which, using the build in location aware feature of the iPhone, finds your local Obama HQ and other local events and activities you can participate in. The Media section includes lots of video from Obama speaches that you can watch and email to your friends. Again, a method to spread the word. This is how virtal marketing really works. Finally, there is an issues tab which provides detailed information on Obamas positions on a variety of issues.

Obama has been heralded as the campaign that has best used the Internet and new media to great effect. Here we see the campaign really walking the walk and living up to this reputation in spades.

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