Don’t Believe in the Power of YouTube for Business?

And now for something completely different…

Warner Music could learn a lot from Monty Python. Python videos and clips have been some of the most popular items to be posted to YouTube by fans over the years. Sound familiar Warner Music? Viacom? Pay attention. Frustrated by all the “pirate” videos, Monty Python opened their own YouTube channel with high quality videos of all their stuff. In return they ask that you buy the DVD’s. The results? Monty Python videos have increased 23% since creation of the channel. It’s true, treating customers with respect and giving them an easy and fair way to purchase your products online will increase your sales. Contrary to popular belief among the old media dons, most people don’t want to steal your content. But they do want to use the new tools of the Internet to comsume and purchase. For years the music industry believed they were being ripped off because of the Internet. But look at the wild success of iTunes and you can see, given the new technologies and fair prices, people are happy to purchase content.

Congratulations to Monty Python and their fans. I hope more content producers take note of this success and start thinking differently. Please stop fighting with us. Work with us and together we can all win.

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