New Feature: Book Notes

I thought of a new feature today for the blog and I’m calling it book notes. One of my goals for 2009 is to increase my reading dramatically. This includes business books, success literature and fiction. For the purposes of this blog I will stick to the business books and maybe a little of the success stuff. I will simply note here little things that I find so good I want to share them. It’s a good way to keep you informed of great ideas I come across and a nice way for me to remember the most salient points of the books I am reading. I think it will be a win/win for all of us.

Here is your first note: From Monday Morning Choices by David Cottrell

I love what he has to say about commitment and passion. “Commitment isn’t as simple as being able to check off what we’ve accomplished toward our goal. It’s a choice, an attitude.” He also talks about being more interested in a goal than committed to it. You may be interested in losing weight, but are you passionate enough to truly be committed to it? A last great quote on this: “Personal commitment begins with a crystal-clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.” In other words, write down your goals in very clear and succinct language.

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