Universal Music – Caught In It’s Own Bear Trap

In the ongoing saga of dumb entertainment companies doing dumb things online, Universal Music Group has a new page on it’s website for a new Eminem single they are promoting. There is a link on this page leading to a YouTube video which has been banned by Universal Music for unauthorized copyright. Talk about getting caught in your own bear trap. This has obviously become an embarrassment as the page as of now (11:02am) gives a message of Access Denied.

What good does this do anybody? Now I can’t hear the new song, watch the new video and get excited about telling my friends and buying it. Now I’m just angry because the music industry is yet again messing with me, the consumer. If Universal Music was smart, they would release this video in a high quality format and encourage music fans to put it on their blogs and embed it into their social network profiles. Further, Universal Music should have an affiliate program wherein if I place one of these videos on my blog and someone clicks through and buys a single or an album I get a small payment.

To the music industry I say, please read a book for me. It’s called the Cluetrain Manifesto. After that please take a look at The Long Tail. And by the way, dear reader, if you have not yet read these books, I highly suggest you do.

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