Dominos YouTube Disaster

From the past post, we learned how damaging video can be to a brand online. What’s even worse, is when employees do it to their own company. This video, originally posted to YouTube and since taken down, features two Dominos employees in North Carolina doing disgusting things to the food during preparation. They thought this was very funny and posted it to YouTube. A marketing nightmare.

Fortunately for Dominos, someone notified them of the video and they took quick action to get it taken down. They also did a great thing by putting their president on video with a response, also posted to YouTube. The president is great in this video. He is serious, a little angry and authentic. Domoinos did well limiting this disaster but it brings up several points.

  • Brand monitoring: It was very fortunate that someone notified Dominos of the video, but Dominos should have been monitoring social media sites themselves. They might have been able to catch the video even faster.
  • Training: It is now critical to train all employees on the use of social media while at work and while not at work if it involves the company at all. Sensible guidelines for all employees will help safeguard employees and the company.
  • Speed and Transparency: The big lesson here is the speed of response and the transparency and open honesty. Dominos did not try to hide anything that happened or sugar coat it in any way. They dealt with things head on.

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